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Elegance is not catching somebody's eyes, it's staying in somebody's memory

Giorgio Armani

Selected fruits and spices

For our aperitif we use different fruits and spices originating from the worlds best growing areas. Both Sicilian oranges, Peruvian ginger or secret spices - all ingredients are derived, of course, from organic cultivation. It is the symbiosis of all the ingredients that makes ApéroVino such an exclusive and incomparable experience. This uncompromising care in the selection of raw materials is the quality guarantor for every single bottle.

The art of craftwork

Dennis and David Schäfer, brothers and founders behind ApéroVino are still pressing the oranges by hand. ApéroVino requires a specially developed pressing technique that can only be guaranteed by this method of handcraft. As a result, only the finest flavors are extracted from the fresh oranges. Important flavor components are extracted from the sun-ripened orange peels, which provide the fruitiness of ApéroVino. For a special kick, premium ginger is grated and added. It all happens in small batches to always keep track of every detail.

The reward

Finally, the bottles mature for 10-12 weeks. This allows the full potential to unfold and the longed for time to enjoy has come.

On ice, ApéroVino is the perfect aperitif with a special kick that can be served directly from the bottle. Enjoy it at 5°C from a wine or champagne glass.