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Our story

Wine is the passion of Dennis and David for over a decade. During the winter of 2017, they felt the desire to develop a new wine. Influenced by a trip to Italy and the fascination of sicilian oranges, they had the idea to transform these special fruits into a wine. Fresh ginger from Peru was to refine the product and add its own special touch.

The first implementation turned out to be more difficult than expected and some challenges had to be mastered. A period of experimentation began, and after numerous attempts and setbacks, a mistake suddenly occurred. In the end it was an incidental result, when instead of wine it became sparkling wine with carbonic acid. What was initially categorized as a mistake by the two brothers eventually proved to be absolutely brilliant.

Their customers were thrilled - more than with any wine produced before. However, the young winemakers were aware that there was still great potential hidden in the then nameless product. After several years of testing and tasting, the product was further refined and improved.

It is not wine, not sparkling wine and not champagne, but a new category - we call it ApéroVino. A word combination of apéro and vino since it drinks like an apéro and its origin is in wine.